Gaoza Gaoza – A Hip-hop King springs From Ekurhuleni

Artist: Gaoza Gaoza

As explicitly identified by the Fit Mag Music Website, Gaoza Gaoza is titled one of East Rand (Ekurhuleni) hip-hop kings and was a part of two award winning crews, Hidden Force and Deep Level.

Here is an interview between Gaoza Gaoza & Fit Mag Music (Best):

Best: Please introduce yourself?
Gaoza Gaoza Mr double the G’s up….However you look at it.

Best: What is your music background?
GG: Founding member of the iconic and charismatic pioneer SA hip hop group Hidden Force and the multi award winning super duo Deep Level

Best: Do you write your own songs?
GG: All the way live and I’m open to write for other artists should the opportunity present itself.

Best: Who are your musical influences?
GG: Oh man!! No musicians in particular I just enjoy good music, you know the type that move you from the first note no matter the genre. My influences are drawn from everyday people’s struggles, their wins and their willingness to succeed whatever the cost.

Best: What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
GG: In my house: When I bring my new music home from the studio to my biggest critics ever for some brutally honest opinions, my wife and son.
Neighborhood: Performing to my home town fully stocked crowd at a show we put together Febkids Party……The love was amazing

Best: What are your songs about?
GG: I’m hip hop to the bone so flexing my flows and punchlines is always in there and my music is about my surroundings, my life and the things I go through. Sometimes I’m ego tripping on a song and sometimes the aim is to inspire or tell a story…as long as the music is good, I’ll put it out.

Best: You’ve been in the scene for years now, how would you describe your music to people?
GG: The answer above says it all man, I represent kasi all the way but I dont box myself in as well

Best: Have you recorded any previous CDs or posted any audio files on the Internet?
GG: I did, an album with Hidden Force- Tha Takeover
A self titled album with Deep Level and the unreleased “Ithemba la’magumusha” album (its a pity ya’ll never got to hear it)

Best: Tell us more about your single you dropped?
GG: Slow your roll, is just me doing my lyrical flex you know, just something to keep the fam happy since I hadn’t dropped any music in a while. I’ve got a whole lot more music coming.

To read/see more of this interview, visit: http://www.fitmagmusic.co.za/gaoza-gaoza/

Gaoza Gaoza - Umthandazo Wabo Lova (Official Video)

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