6 Videos to Help You Stay Focused & Kill distractions

It’s that time of the year where we’re all trying to get through a mountain of work, tests, assignments and deadlines. However, with these 20 proven techniques to stay focused and kill distractions – all should sail smoothly. There are other videos below that inspire that motivation, focus and goal-driven attitude to fulfill your role.

These videos are all applicable to students, businessmen and all other professions and roles in industry.

How to Stay Focused – Stop Getting Distracted (from Young Entrepreneurs Forum)

5 Psychological Tips to Stay Focused in School – How to Concentrate Better (from Practical Psychology)

Work! – Homework Motivation (from Project Elon)

Productivity hack #1: Deep work (from Freedom in Thought)

How to become more disciplined (from Freedom in thought)

Study HARD Study SMART – Motivational Video on How to Study EFFECTIVELY (from Motivation2Study)

All these videos are sourced from useful youtube channels – which are mentioned next to each video title.

Hope this helps 🙂