8een Concepts – Digital Footprint Sponsorship Winner

“Every Kid is a caring adult away from being a success story” – Josh Shipp

8een Concepts easily qualified for the Digital Footprint Sponsorship because they directly incorporated this quote in their Ghetto Geniuses Project and built their business around assisting with self-actualisation, personal and entrepreneurial development for youth (especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds), young and matured adults, athletes and artists.

8een Concepts believes that development is very much dependent on lifestyle choices. The quality of our lifestyles are shaped by the quality material we are exposed to; the books we read, the sports we play, the food we eat, the friends we keep, our values and any other internal or external environmental influences. They recognise that in order to change and improve our lifestyles, we must first work to improve the way we relate to our environment and its influences.

What sets their projects apart from others is their approach to the subject of township youth development. They believe that effective youth development begins with and is inseparable from, first, the development of the character of the Individual, and second the proper Contextualisation of his/her environment for increased relevance.

Check out their New Website here: http://www.8eenconcepts.co.za 

Keep close to their online window – as they have interesting speaking seminars, art events and so many more projects to look out for.