Celebrating the African Graduate

Aren’t we proud of our African graduate?

Did you know?

According to Spaull (2016), the number of black graduates produced has increased from a shocking 3 400 in 1986 to a proud 63 000 and more in 2012. Specifically, the number of black graduates that have graduated with a degree have increased from a modest 11 339 in 1994, doubled to 20 513 in 2004 and doubled furthermore to 48 686 in 2014.  – A promising and impressive increase to be proud of.


” Between 2004 and 2014, black graduates increased by about 137% (compared with 9% for whites)”

Please note:

“Black youths have attained higher levels of education today than at any time in South Africa’s history. There are more black matrics, more black high-level passes in mathematics and science, and many more black university graduates, both as a proportion of the black population and in absolute terms,” says Saull.

A jaw dropping and equally proud example is, Quintine Mkhondo, a 19 year old African male graduate from Soshanguve. According to Carla Mackenzie from Jacaranda FM (2017), Quintine Mkondo has always shared a love for Mathematics; and at just 15 years old, he was enrolled for Actuarial Sciences and Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria. Sharing that his secret is nothing short of his passion for Mathematics, Quintine also starts his days with a bit of fun in the gym. This young individual skipped grade 5 and 9; and continues to share that he always knew what he wanted to study.

To an African child that says,

“The only time when you loose is when you give up.” – Quintine Mkhondo

– We say, we celebrate you and all the other African graduates around the country and continent.

Well Done!!




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