Breaking the Career Chain – (Yes you can).

The 21st century has come with a lot of options and amongst them is the most important: having the freedom to choose a career path without being judged by your community or the registrar. As the late former president, Nelson Mandela would say “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. Thus I encourage it’s never too late to go back to school and pursue that career you have always longed for. Take South Africa’s very own Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuza as an example, in 2012 at the age of 60 he went back to school to write his Matric.

An additional option has to be the employment and educational inclusion of women. According to one of Mzansi’s leading mining companies Anglo-America, “women make up more than 17% of our workforce, account for more than 13% of core mining jobs and hold more than 23% of management positions”. In the entertainment industry, certain women have made their marks and reigned successfully. Women like Carol Manana, Dj Zinhle and Khanyi Dhlomo just to mention a few, are females setting an example proving that anything is possible if you have passion and are willing to work hard at it. It gives hope to daughters/sisters that they too can be media moguls, corporate giants or even tyre busters etc.

These women have something in common and that is motivation, focus and hunger to want to achieve their goals above all circumstances that may present themselves. As an impact of our historical structures, women often tend to look down on themselves or undermine their capabilities, beyond the domesticated setting. This thinking that dictates that other things are better done by men is disabling, whilst truly speaking some vacancies have built the opportunity around: “we are looking for a female candidate only”.

Luckily some men are slowly adjusting to the new corporate setup. They are coming to terms with the new reality that includes their wives, sisters and mothers as mechanical engineers and trusting them to also perform tasks such as, fixing the car should it break down. Roles continue to rotate as men take on the kitchen and professionally become Chefs. The reason why at times we refrain from making specific career choices – is due to fear of being isolated by our communities and families.

For instance, a male chef may take the initiative to cook for his family for a number of days during the week, however, most cultures dictate that the woman cook for her husband and family on a daily basis. In 1956, women of all races marched to the Pretoria Nelson Mandela Amphitheatre to fight against women oppression and equity. So the least we as women can do today is to honour these great women who laid the foundation for us is to be fearless and proactive in our career choices.

“if you can think it then you can see it and if you can see it you can definitely do it”, in simple terms ‘Yes you can’.

Until we meet again take care and stay blessed.




Edited By: M.D.Bn

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