TSA Pitori Speaks…

“That’s just so scandalous.”

A phrase we once upon a time referred to when something was just out of line or absolutely disgraceful but like any good thing, gone are those days. In fact for today’s generation, nothing is shameful, thanks to social media.

The crazy things people tend to do or say just to get noticed is rewarded with 5 minutes of fame, something much desired lately. Are people so hopeless that you would do whatever it takes just for a piece of the fading limelight? The shallowest of things have transformed into trends regardless of how ridiculous it may appear or even sound.

Are our moral standards depreciating to an extent where you can get away with anything in public platforms?

Yes, I am talking about the Art of Trending that has taken our world by storm, all for the sake of becoming the one whom people applaud and celebrate for behaving like a ‘fool’ for lack of a better word. Today “less” is sacred and almost secrets are no existent by the will of global culture. Explicit pictures of women and sonar scans parade the various social networks. Sometimes you ask yourself what is the reason for publicizing such photographs, is this the purpose of globalization can we really claim to be a harmonious unit?

The private lives and every action of celebrities are always under the radar and public scrutiny; and our excuse “public interest”. Many have lost loved ones and others have lost themselves because their own lives and fate are now in the hands of the general public. When their lives spiral downwards into drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse, we are the first to point fingers and judge them.

Death has become an everyday topic, pictures of the deceased are congested on social networks and we claim to be celebrating their lives and paying our respect, typical. We run to the net and say all kinds of sweet nothings on their part; forgetting how we couldn’t wait to write about his divorce or spread the rumors about their drinking problem. Oh, what hypocrisy!

Sex tapes have become the easiest and cheapest way to become ‘sdumane’ (well known); others post partially nude pictures of themselves just to get “likes”. However, the question remains does this even guarantee you any fame or relevance? Sure it did work for Kim Kardashian but who said it will work for you? Are you that desperate for what seems like “thee” life?

You’re probably wondering what gives me the right to judge what you do and how you speak right? It’s no secret that we live in a world where you will be incarcerated for disputing public norms and being an exception. Despite people like the late world icon Nelson Mandela who did it and by doing so rose victorious at the end.

We rather trend than be great, we rather praise people for their irrelevance than stand as the voice of reason, and we rather are a part of, than are our own people. We want it all through shortcuts and no one is willing to fight for his/her own. So people lets trend…


Edited By: M.D.B

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