Mo Atchaar – Digital Footprint Sponsorship Winner

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives” – Michelle Obama

Mo’ Trading is a black owned business, run and managed by a radiant African woman who has made a difference in the lives of most individuals’s who’ve had a taste of her Mo’ products. Ms Refentse Gertrude Monkoe has a built a business that specializes in making delicious, mouth watering homemade condiments such as, Mo’ Atchaar Mango & Vegetable atchaar, Mo’ Pickle Pickled Carrots and a Variety of Mo’ Chilli hot/mild/normal Sauces.

The company was established in 2010, by Ms Refentse Gertrude Monkoe, but was in full operation late 2014. We are a small company boasting with a “secret ingredient” which makes our products unique. We first started selling only mango atchaar at small scale – but the product was well received by clients, which led to our product expansion. Famously, Mo’ Atchaar became a product brand that has become popular amongst the communities based in Pretoria. Mo’ Atchaar, as the Kasipedia team can testify, is the Best Atchaar that has been unanimously agreed to by anyone who has had a spoonful taste together with their meal.

As the vision grows, the company would like to be one of the preferred, loved and trusted organic brand worldwide and they would want to be known for their excellent products and friendly service.

In light of the Digital Footprint Sponsorship Campaign, hosted by Rooting Hope and Kasipedia, Mo’Trading qualified for the sponsorship based on their proudly South African product, which Ms Refentse re-created  with her secret ingredients and the delicious and friendly Kasi experience she was committed to offering to anyone that interacted with her business.

Check out here NEW Website here: http://www.moatchaar.co.za/

Feel free to place your orders here: http://www.moatchaar.co.za/order/