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Love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection towards another person, child, or parent. Unfortunately, during the holiday season, this word seems to be misused. People easily toss it around without measuring the impact or weight of the word’s significance. Holiday flings usually beginning with, not so, innocent flirting which quickly escalates to the individuals (practically strangers) falling for each other.

A male friend of mine, Itumeleng, was a victim of this delusion. This was during the popular December holidays when a girl visited his kasi. With them being involved in numerous romantic conversations, it developed into a relationship – dating. You know how crowded it gets ko kasi, when there is a soccer match, especially those cup matches; Itumeleng along with his friends went to the local tavern to watch the game and grab a beer or two. As the game progressed, for Itumeleng the game suddenly came to a halt when witnessed his girlfriend walk in with another guy – her holiday fling. Let’s just say the scenario had a sour ending.

Being involved in a summer fling is a risky and temporary ride – it never works, trust me I know *hides*. That person in most cases is looking for fun and a no strings attached set up; it’s like being in love with yourself. The feeling is never mutual they are using you for their personal benefit; you know what happens when the holiday time comes to an end? They forget about you instantly and those hours you used to spend on the phone with them VANISH, sweet and romantic texting GONE and gone with them.

So ladies and gents are you willing to park your feelings, take advantage of another person or be taken advantage of, all in the spirit to avoid the circle of loneliness these holidays? Think long and hard about this – because the health risks associated with this have been omitted. Sure thing one might argue and say that there is the potential of the two individuals falling into something real and honest as true love… I get that, but the reality is that true love is not rushed or built from a physically focused relationship.

Some people suffer from low self-esteem or peer pressure, so they end up thinking less of themselves or lowering their standards to accommodate others. However, love is kind, love is patient, love is caring, and love has absolute timing. Now keep this in mind next time you go on that holiday and meet a hottie. Never, never and never again shall you fall into this trap no matter how tempting it is.


Edited By: M.D.B

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